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All you want to know about Kolkata Wedding Tales

In short, simple and sweet words we do professional wedding photography in Kolkata..the city of joy. How is it possible that this city will not host weddings which are full of joy and with lots of vibrant colors? At least we can’t imagine it without the colors.  Kolkata Wedding Tales is about wedding photography and to be very precise wedding photography only, we do not specialize in wild life neither do we specialize on street or landscape photography. We choose to call this website as Kolkata wedding tales because we are primarily based out of Kolkata but that does not mean that we do take up wedding assignments only from Kolkata, ask us to travel and we are up on our toes, we love travelling and capturing the moods of different weddings. But as a wedding photographer we feel that we are blessed with a power, the power to capture the moments of the weddings we are the ultimate story tellers through the images.

We see love because we have been in love.

We believe in love and with our whole heart, we believe in love because we were first loved and we have loved in return

We are Kolkata Wedding Tales for the people who believe in love, because for us it all started with love

No wedding can be a bad wedding after all!! Weddings are always happening, look around you and you will find something or the other is happening around you, its completely filled with emotions, smiles..seriousness and tears. Capturing them is what keeps us at our toes and this is the reason why wedding photography remains to be our special interest. Being professional wedding photographer in Kolkata, we are dedicated and committed to the quality of the photographs that we give to our clients. Its a simple philosophy for us, if the input is not good you can never expect to have a great output. We believe in making beautiful pictures, which are not just for pasting in photo books.

We just hate to make photographs which are just seen and forgotten. What gives us a high are photographs which are able to connect with the people. We just love it when we sees one of our wedding photograph is a part of someone’s home, this reassures that his pictures are not just being loved but loved to the extent that they become a part of your day to day life.

If you want to see our work you can visit the wedding gallery and we are sure that you are going to like it. You might also wish to check some of our wedding photography packages and we hope that your search for the Kolkata wedding photographer for your special days ends here at Kolkata wedding Tales.

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