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We are back

Hi All, We are back !!! its been a pretty long time since we have blogged or updated our pages and the gallery, you must be wondering why and the expected possible answers being as busy professionals say, we were travelling, we were shooting weddings and assignments, we are busy with all the assignments. Well, nothing of that sort we were simply enjoying the scorching heat and humidity of Kolkata, We were allover the park with our friends and family,we watched a lot of movies, some of them being awesome, well the best being American sniper.

Now we are back to work and you will soon see a lot of things happening on the current months and yes loads of wedding information is also on the cards, so stay tuned and keep reading our blog.



Tanisq Wedding Film 2013 – A bold Ad

Tanisq wedding film 2013 which is an advertisement to go on air this October, touches one of the sensitive topic of the society – Re-marriage. The advertisement primarily focuses on the new age wedding collection from Tanisq.

While we were watching the advertisement, we noticed that the jewelry which is being used in the advertisement being more contemporary rather than the traditional. The advertisement showcases a lady getting ready for the wedding, wearing the jewelry and then enters a sweet girl. The lady and the girl walks up to the havan and the pheras start where the little angel also wants to take the pheras with her mother. The groom then asks the little angel to join in which reassures the bride yet again.

What we loves, the colors used in the advertisement and how the issue of remarriage has been touched and we must say kudos to the production team



Changing trends of wedding photography in Kolkata

We are back after a long long time time and writing this blog post as we felt that it is important for us to make all our followers aware of the changing trends of wedding photography in Kolkata. We could have chosen a broader range for this topic – changing trends of wedding photography in India, but we thought that lets address the set of people where we are really active and then may be on a later date we can address the larger mass.

Looking 10 years back from now the scenarios were completely different and now if we look, we think its been a long long journey where the face of wedding photography has been completely changed. Lets take each of the points and see where we are heading and where are the changes.



Selection of the photographer:

This was majorly a decision of the parents, who used to finalize on the wedding photographer. Gone are those days!!. With the number of weddings we do per year, our experience says that the trend have completely changed. Now its the couple who decide on the wedding photographer. Thanks to the internet and to the websites of the wedding photographers which helps the couple to decide upon the style of wedding photography they are looking for on the most important day of their life. But yes, we also want to add here that most of the time we have seen the family getting involved in the finalization of the wedding photographer while the initiate has been taken by the couple. This is definitely one of the changing trends of wedding photography in Kolkata

Coverage of the event:

Earlier we used to hear the sound of the shutter when the main rituals of the wedding were going on. during the reception event we used to hear the sound of the shutter when the guests and gamily members went to give the best wishes to the newly wed and have some group photographs.

Today the couples are not just looking for the coverage of the event but they are more interested in having a complete coverage of the event. Coverage which depicts the beautiful day as it unfolds. This definitely includes some the main rituals of the event, but apart from that they are also interested in the sequences where the bride is getting ready / groom is geting ready. Behind the scene images which capture how the main the various aspects of the day are taking shape. The group images have also been completely changed. now it does not require to arrange the people and then say cheese but the couples are looking for more candid images.

Type of coverage:

Traditional is the keyword if you look at it 10 years back. But the senario has completely changed today and hopefully it is getting better day by day. Today the couples are looking out for candid, creative, contemporary wedding photography. To help you out on the definition of each of these click on the hyperlinks.

There is one more word which tosses up when we talk about the type of coverage – Fine art wedding photography. From our experience we know that it well exists in the international wedding market but we are not sure as whether this exists in Kolkata. To be very honest this is some what a bit high funda for us …and for those we offer this in Kolkata we are not sure as whether they do really have ant creditability from any fine arts academy.

So choose the type of coverage which you are looking for to the most beautiful day of your life. What we believe is, a wedding story at Kolkata wedding tales cannot be complete without the traditional images apart from being creative and candid.

Wedding Albums

Red velvet covered books pasted with 5 * 7 or 4 * 6 scaled images mostly black and white. It has its own charm but that is exactly what we used to get a few years back. Today with all the advancements in the printing technology we are not getting used to some state of the art printing. Some of the names which tosses up are Canvera and Kodak who are the major providers of some of the awesome photo books.

We are in process of creating a page which will showcase our photo books so stay tuned to have a look!

Coverage Side:

Of all the the things which have changed, not all are good. Some of them have also gone in an odd direction knowingly or unknowingly and this being one of them. From our experience there are situations / wedding which is possible to cover from both the bride and goorm’s side together but equally there are situations when this is absolutely impossible.

Specially in a bengali weddings, when we are asked to cover a wedding from both the bride’s and the groom’s side, we find it less feasible to achieve in a true sense. The reason being each family has it own needs. the way the wedding should be covered, the family members details of the wedding and so on. Lets try to understand why do we have such requests? The answer to the same is extremely simple budget constraints and a feeling that we will have it all in one. But the couples loose out on some of the important aspects.

i) You are not paying the hefty amount to the photographers just to hear the sound of the shutter. It is for some stunning and beautiful images and if the coverage is from both the sides, how on earth can the photographer concentrate on something when he / she is running around multiple places and for multiple times? You will definitely have images of the wedding but don’t expect much.

ii) Some photographers feel if the client is paying us good and we are able to book our clients on our top packages then this is one of our offerings where the photographer will cover the wedding from both the sides. Lets do some hard and straight talk on this. Lets use our common sense to depict this. Any wedding photography requires manpower, to have the coverage from both the side also requires the manpower but an increased manpower.  Yes we do agree that you are paying for it. But ideally the costs also involves the edits. Now take the events of both the sides and imagine the number of images which must have been generated. There is not a single doubt that you will also loose out on some good images. It is almost impossible to put a realistic figure to the amount of edits that the photographer has to do. Hence, no doubt you will get the images but don’t expect them to be really great.

It is almost impossible to concentrate on these aspects over a very short period of time from both the sides. Yes, one or two rituals from either of the side is acceptable, but having it in totality starts giving us goose bumps.

Moreover, if you look at the human nature, it is impossible to concentrate on two things at the same time and we believe in this.  It is important for us to cover the wedding in a proper way rather than covering the same just for sake of it. For Kolkata Wedding Tales it is extremely important to give 100% to each of our clients, live up to the commitments and create some beautiful images of the wedding day, that’s what matters to us more rather than the bookings just for the sake of it.

Couple Portraits: 

Of all the changing wedding trends in Kolkata, this is another trend which is catching up. Couple portraits, pre or post wedding couple photo shoot. The idea behind this is very simple, capture the moments spent by the couple in a candid way. But trust us this is one of our favorites and we love doing it.


We are hiring | Chance to get on board

We are expanding and we yes we are hiring, we are hiring interns in photography. So you stand a chance to work with the leading wedding photographer in Kolkata and at the same time learn the tips and tricks.

Coming straight to the point as what we are looking from you

  • You have to be creative
  • Good images with the camera
  • Knowledge of light
  • Knowledge of photoshop
  • Willing to travel across India
  •  Working unsociable and on irregular hours

What’s the next step, if you feel you meet all or may be some of the requirements mentioned above, drop in your resume to hires at kolkataweddingtales.com or you can simply fill up the form given below and we will get in touch with you super awesome photographer.

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Happy Mothers Day 2013 | Kolkata Wedding Tales

Happy Mothers Day 2013 | Kolkata Wedding Tales


Isn’t she the one who stayed awake all night when we were small enough to understand this harsh world. Isn’t she the one who made learn how to stand on your feet and she has been teaching this to you every time when you fall. The efforts and the sacrifices that she had made till date are countless and by no means we can give her back something which would be equivalent to her unconditional love towards the child. Happy Mothers Day 2013 | Kolkata Wedding Tales

Happy Mothers Day 2013 | Kolkata Wedding Tales

Thank you for making us the most sought wedding photographer in Kolkata | Booking closed for Oct, Nov, Dec 2013

Its been a long long journey for us from the time we started with something called as Kolkata Wedding Tales. A journey to make some nice pictures of the beautiful day of your life and that was our sole intention and even remains to be the same. Thank you is what we wanted to say, to make us the most sought wedding photographer in Kolkata. We thank you for all the feedback that we received during these years from our couples, friends and well wishers which made us better day by day. Even you know that we are just awesome right?

Being among the most sought wedding photographer in Kolkata was really not easy for us. It started somewhere in April 2013 where we started of with the fresh season of wedding in Kolkata, we received an overwhelming response. We are completely booked for the month of October, November and December 2013. On one side we are really happy for the overwhelming response and on the other side we are feeling very unfortunate that we will have to say No to a lot of couples who have followed us for years now and wanted us to do be their wedding photographer in Kolkata or outside Kolkata. We really feel bad to miss out on all the fun in the weddings. However, we request you all to stay connected to us through the Social media, call us if you need any information, follow our blogs which has a host of great content and will help you a lot during your planning stages of the wedding. We always try to help out couples irrespective of the fact whether they are booked with us or not, that’s not a bad idea right?

And once in a while if you want to see some our creations, don’t forget to check our some of our latest work in the gallery.

Its a small request to all the couples who want us to cover the wedding for them, do Contact us early!!

The Story of 2 States

The Story of 2 States

We are sure that by the you are reading this blog post, you have with read the 2 states or you have already watched the movie 2 states. Liked It? Oh yes, there can’t be a No coming from you. We still remember, the first time we put the hands on the book we read it in 7 hours flat and at one go. Its really good. By now you must be thinking as why are we writing this blog about the story of 2 states, where is the correlation? We believe that in real life we witness the maximum number of love stories, the story of 2 states. For the year 2012-2013, 87% of the total weddings which we covered in Kolkata or in the different state had a story of 2 states.

From our couple’s perspective, some had an extremely difficult time convincing their parents and for some it was not so tough as shown and told in the movie of 2 states. But from the perspective of Kolkata Wedding Tales, all of the stories were really sweet and each of our couples are really wonderful. Different cultures and different views come together and during wedding its more fun when there is a fusion wedding. At times people know at a specific ritual what needs to done and at times they just wonder how to get through it and at times cultures which are contradicting enough. But all is well when it ends well for us. We were wondering what are various fusion weddings which we have done so far. Well, name it and we have it. Bengali bride with a Maharashtra groom, Bengali bride with a Kernel developer from Kerla, Bengali groom to a very beautiful Punjabi bride, we have it all. Think of any combinations and we will say yes we know it. Of all the various combinations we loved the Bengali groom with the Punjabi bride, it was night long coverage for us but we had some serious fun covering the whole wedding.

 But the story line of 2 states tells you a story where the couples succeed and we all know not always in real life the couples succeed. We truly appriciate all the effort that they put in to make this happen. What we can say is if he/she is your destiny,it will happen no matter what.

Now after all this heavy statements, in case if you succeed to convince your family members for a real life 2 states. DO NOT forget to ensure that Kolkata Wedding Tales captures this fusion wedding. We just Love weddings and ofcourse both the the book 2 states and the real life 2 states story of yours. We will ensure that we don’t miss out on the moment!!

We will keep updating this gallery with all the images we have captured of real life 2 states


Happy Diwali – 2013

Happy Diwali – 2013

Happy Diwali to all our friends, fans and followers. Majorly if we talk about the festivals it is primarily for a day, but we would like to take a personal note to all those people who lit up each and every day for us, as our fans, followers and clients and made us so loved and so special, helped us when we need it. Thank you so much and wish all of you a very happy Diwali. Its time for some crackers and some fun, but do ensure that you guys do not burst crackers which make sound and have a safe Diwali.

Enjoy each and every bit of this festivity.


Happy Diwali 2013 Kolkata Wedding Tales

Questions to ask your wedding photographer

Questions to ask your wedding photographer

Even before you start reading this post about Questions you ask to your wedding photographer let us tell you that it definitely does not give you a guidance on the list of questions you should ask to your wedding photographer, but rather this has a whole new perspective. Its about a phone call that we received a few days back, go though the conversation and you will love it and also understand why this blog posts was written.

Mr A: Hello, is this Kolkata Wedding Tales

KWT: Yes

Mr A: Oh! I tried to reach you for quite some time but was unable to do so, do you cover weddings outside Kolkata

KWT: Yes, Mr. A, Kolkata Wedding Tales cover weddings all over India, which place do you want us to be and by the way what are the date/s for which you are looking for the coverage?

Mr A: I am looking for a coverage in XYZ city and or 26, 27 and 28th February 2013

KWT: Yes we are available for the date/s which you have mentioned

Mr A: I know some photography. So can you tell me which type of DSLR do you use, what are the fast glasses that you use for the weddings?

KWT: Mr. A we do have some really great lineup, it will be great if you can let us know your preference and we will ensure that the wedding gets covered with the DSLR looking for. Just for your information we use Canon DSLR’s we really love some of the APS-C sensor bodies along with the FF Sensor. We hope that answers your question

KWT: By the way Mr. A, as you know photography we hope you know the full form APS-C or FF or even the full form DSLR?

Mr. A: No, I don’t know

KWT: Do you even know why wedding photographer use DSLR to cover a wedding and why don’t they use a point and shoot camera readily available in the market? Or even what does a mega pixel stands for?

Mr. A: No I don’t

KWT: Mr. A, Kolkata Wedding Tales is a brand in wedding photography which is built with a lot of passion. A passion for wedding photography, a passion to excel in wedding photography. We love to live up to this passion. Day and night we are talking about all the technicalities and we really love to discuss these things with people who have the knowledge about this and we love talking about our precious possessions. We hope you understand the fact that no one loves to discuss something with a person who just does not have a clue about the subject matter. Not only us, but no one would love it.

Mr A: No I went, through a blog which has these questions mentioning Questions to ask your wedding photographer

KWT: Mr A, its really nice that you are reading a lot of blogs about wedding photography, but it would be really great that you find some blogs which are really informative and give you a right direction, don’t read blogs which are written just for the sake of writing.

KWT: Thanks for giving us the call Mr. A it was really nice talking to you.




Moral of the story

We never say don’t ask questions to your wedding photographer, but even if you ask have a little knowledge on the subject before asking the question. Read a lot of blogs but avoid those which are written just for the sake of writing and does not has a depth to the subject. No one loves to discuss something with anyone if the person in front does not has a clue of what the person is saying.

We Kolkata Wedding Tales, never say something just for the sake of saying it and neither do we write something just for the sake of writing. We want to help all by providing you some real insights and something really informative.


Wedding Images on Facebook and Social Media

Wedding Images on Facebook and Social Media

The smartphones have not only revolutionized many aspects of our life but for the first time, we think it has also revolutionized the weddings. Today with the smartphones with a camera of a resolution of 8 megapixels or higher with a data connectivity is capable of uploading the wedding images minute by minute of a wedding.

Much before the couple take the pleasure of announcing and showing the wedding images you can find that a minute by minute update has already been made by a friend or a guest. We remember one couple, who told us that after we return back from the honeymoon we want to upload the wedding images to Facebook. But by the time we finished our coverage and were back we realized that even before the couple would have left for honeymoon, the Facebook was already flooded with the wedding images of the couple shot from a smart phone and uploaded on the social media.

There was another situation where we saw not a single image being uploaded to the social media till the time the couple wanted them to be presented to the public, which we think was really a great control.

It is really nice to ask the couple as whether you can upload the wedding images taken from your smart phone. Its a previous moment for the couple and they definitely expect some kind of privacy to those. So do give a due respect to such privacy of the couple

Think before you upload the images, seek permission from the couple to upload the images on the Social media such as Facebook and twitter. If in doubt, please don’t share them.

Let the couple upload the images of the wedding and the special moments which they want to share.

However, we think we can see the future of the wedding invites because of the smartphones, include a privacy statement into the wedding invite so that people don’t release your pics without your permission!

Too much don’t you think?? Let us know.

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