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Canvera Photo books

The very first words that comes to my mind when talking about wedding photo books are karizma albums. This word popped up a few years back and almost all the wedding photographers were using this. I did manage to see some of them and I saw some old fashioned rich colored wedding photographs on extremely glossy paper, where more emphasis were given to fill the pages rather than on the photographs. Even today we do have general studios who use the same old fashioned way. By the way, filling up of pages has nothing to do with Karizma and can’t be taken as a demerit of the album. This post is not about the Karizma photo books or what de merits it has, but personally as a wedding photographer in kolkata if someone asks then Canvera photo books always remains to be my first preference.

Being for a while into wedding photography its extremely important to keep clients happy, one of the best and simple way of achieving this is to have stunning pictures of the special day. Now when you do have these stunning pictures with you the next step is to have a stunning photo book that will preserve these memories for the coming days and years to come for the client. Its not about just preserving but also cherishing those moments in the most beautiful and royal way possible. Truly speaking Canvera helps in achieving exactly the same.  I am extremely impressed with the service, dedication, support and no doubts the products of Canvera, I think that also makes them the market leaders in photo books in India. The range of photo books along with the paper quality that they have is just awesome. Gone are the days when you lost your photo book and there is almost no way in this world to retrive it back. Canvera photo books has a unique feature, they provide a barcode at the end of each photo book, this allows you to retrieve your photo book at any point of time, even if you have lost it. The most premium range of Canvera photo book is the flush mount and I am a big fan of this photo book. They are just awesome, the price range is no doubt on the higher side but at the end of the it does not matters much when I am providing premium products to my clients. As a photographer if you have great photographs you also need the best medium to showcase it and for me nothing can be better than this. For all my wedding photographs I have been using Canvera and till date I have not received a single issue from my clients on the photo books. Here are some of the samples of the various stunning photo books of Canvera. If the wedding bells are knocking your doors and you want us to cover your wedding, make some awesome images of your wedding day and come up with a professionally designed Canvera album then Contact Us with your requirement and we will reach out to you.

[Click on the images to get a larger view of the stunning photo books of Canvera]


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  1. satadal choudhury

    my family have a reception programme so i want to
    know the price of canvera album
    please contact

    nager bazar ,dumdum

  2. i m ravi and i looking for a canvera photo book ,i visited delhi photo fare 2013 and there saw canvera photobookand it has different papers are present so send me one sample photo book and after that i will prit my result from your as my customer require
    ravikant khatri
    company “speaking frames ”
    fashion product and wedding
    address H-272 sitapura industrial area,jaipur rajasthan 302022

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