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Changing trends of wedding photography in Kolkata

We are back after a long long time time and writing this blog post as we felt that it is important for us to make all our followers aware of the changing trends of wedding photography in Kolkata. We could have chosen a broader range for this topic – changing trends of wedding photography in India, but we thought that lets address the set of people where we are really active and then may be on a later date we can address the larger mass.

Looking 10 years back from now the scenarios were completely different and now if we look, we think its been a long long journey where the face of wedding photography has been completely changed. Lets take each of the points and see where we are heading and where are the changes.



Selection of the photographer:

This was majorly a decision of the parents, who used to finalize on the wedding photographer. Gone are those days!!. With the number of weddings we do per year, our experience says that the trend have completely changed. Now its the couple who decide on the wedding photographer. Thanks to the internet and to the websites of the wedding photographers which helps the couple to decide upon the style of wedding photography they are looking for on the most important day of their life. But yes, we also want to add here that most of the time we have seen the family getting involved in the finalization of the wedding photographer while the initiate has been taken by the couple. This is definitely one of the changing trends of wedding photography in Kolkata

Coverage of the event:

Earlier we used to hear the sound of the shutter when the main rituals of the wedding were going on. during the reception event we used to hear the sound of the shutter when the guests and gamily members went to give the best wishes to the newly wed and have some group photographs.

Today the couples are not just looking for the coverage of the event but they are more interested in having a complete coverage of the event. Coverage which depicts the beautiful day as it unfolds. This definitely includes some the main rituals of the event, but apart from that they are also interested in the sequences where the bride is getting ready / groom is geting ready. Behind the scene images which capture how the main the various aspects of the day are taking shape. The group images have also been completely changed. now it does not require to arrange the people and then say cheese but the couples are looking for more candid images.

Type of coverage:

Traditional is the keyword if you look at it 10 years back. But the senario has completely changed today and hopefully it is getting better day by day. Today the couples are looking out for candid, creative, contemporary wedding photography. To help you out on the definition of each of these click on the hyperlinks.

There is one more word which tosses up when we talk about the type of coverage – Fine art wedding photography. From our experience we know that it well exists in the international wedding market but we are not sure as whether this exists in Kolkata. To be very honest this is some what a bit high funda for us …and for those we offer this in Kolkata we are not sure as whether they do really have ant creditability from any fine arts academy.

So choose the type of coverage which you are looking for to the most beautiful day of your life. What we believe is, a wedding story at Kolkata wedding tales cannot be complete without the traditional images apart from being creative and candid.

Wedding Albums

Red velvet covered books pasted with 5 * 7 or 4 * 6 scaled images mostly black and white. It has its own charm but that is exactly what we used to get a few years back. Today with all the advancements in the printing technology we are not getting used to some state of the art printing. Some of the names which tosses up are Canvera and Kodak who are the major providers of some of the awesome photo books.

We are in process of creating a page which will showcase our photo books so stay tuned to have a look!

Coverage Side:

Of all the the things which have changed, not all are good. Some of them have also gone in an odd direction knowingly or unknowingly and this being one of them. From our experience there are situations / wedding which is possible to cover from both the bride and goorm’s side together but equally there are situations when this is absolutely impossible.

Specially in a bengali weddings, when we are asked to cover a wedding from both the bride’s and the groom’s side, we find it less feasible to achieve in a true sense. The reason being each family has it own needs. the way the wedding should be covered, the family members details of the wedding and so on. Lets try to understand why do we have such requests? The answer to the same is extremely simple budget constraints and a feeling that we will have it all in one. But the couples loose out on some of the important aspects.

i) You are not paying the hefty amount to the photographers just to hear the sound of the shutter. It is for some stunning and beautiful images and if the coverage is from both the sides, how on earth can the photographer concentrate on something when he / she is running around multiple places and for multiple times? You will definitely have images of the wedding but don’t expect much.

ii) Some photographers feel if the client is paying us good and we are able to book our clients on our top packages then this is one of our offerings where the photographer will cover the wedding from both the sides. Lets do some hard and straight talk on this. Lets use our common sense to depict this. Any wedding photography requires manpower, to have the coverage from both the side also requires the manpower but an increased manpower.  Yes we do agree that you are paying for it. But ideally the costs also involves the edits. Now take the events of both the sides and imagine the number of images which must have been generated. There is not a single doubt that you will also loose out on some good images. It is almost impossible to put a realistic figure to the amount of edits that the photographer has to do. Hence, no doubt you will get the images but don’t expect them to be really great.

It is almost impossible to concentrate on these aspects over a very short period of time from both the sides. Yes, one or two rituals from either of the side is acceptable, but having it in totality starts giving us goose bumps.

Moreover, if you look at the human nature, it is impossible to concentrate on two things at the same time and we believe in this.  It is important for us to cover the wedding in a proper way rather than covering the same just for sake of it. For Kolkata Wedding Tales it is extremely important to give 100% to each of our clients, live up to the commitments and create some beautiful images of the wedding day, that’s what matters to us more rather than the bookings just for the sake of it.

Couple Portraits: 

Of all the changing wedding trends in Kolkata, this is another trend which is catching up. Couple portraits, pre or post wedding couple photo shoot. The idea behind this is very simple, capture the moments spent by the couple in a candid way. But trust us this is one of our favorites and we love doing it.

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  1. I would like to know how much is charged for a candid photoshoot of the couple pre wedding, followed by coverage of events like mehandi, morning rituals, makeup, marriage, reception. Videography of all the events and a wedding film. could you give a rough estimate pls. Marriage is around May 2016 and planning to host it near by haridevpur. Do you think Ajeya sangati ground can be turned into a beautiful marriage venue?

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