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There are many ways through which we interact with our clients and the way they use the services we provide through this website. At various stages information is shared with Kolkata Wedding Tales by the client for various purposes, we want to be extreme;y clear as these information is being collected and what is being done with this data at Kolkata Wedding Tales.

Information that we gather

Various information is being gathered right from the time of finalization till the end of the event most of them being personal information of our client/s and some information related to the wedding that we are to cover. Some of the information that we gather are given below:

  • Client’s Name
  • Client’s address
  • Client’s contact numbers
  • Client’s date of birth
  • Wedding Date/s
  • Wedding Venue/s
  • Additional package informations and choice
  • Feedback
  • Client’s e-mail

How we use the information

The personal information shared with Kolkata Wedding Tales is being used with the sole purpose of communicating with our client/s. Some of the other details such as the Wedding date/s wedding venues are being used to keep track of weddings that we are supposed to cover in the future dates. These information is also used for analysis and providing better services to our clients on time to time basis.

Information Security

  1. No personal information is being shared with agents or other clients of Kolkata Wedding Tales who may require these information to process certain data or to gather more information
  2. We do not indulge in gathering any information by means of cookies
  3. Communication address, Telephone numbers and mobile numbers of clients are not shared with any third party for any reasons
  4. We on a continuous basis review the information collected, the storage used for storing these information, processing techniques and encrypt the data for any unauthorized access to these data
  5. The images of the weddings are being stored with highest privacy and not being shared across the internet without prior consent from our clients
  6. For feedbacks section we only publish the name of the client and all other information about the client is not being shared to any viewer

Information Sharing

We only share information after we receive a proper written consent from the client/s regarding sharing of information. Without the proper consent no information is shared with the agents / Third party vendors.


We are committed to provide our best services to our clients and we will try our best to continue to do so.