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Wedding Photo Gallery Kolkata

At times we got confused as whom do you call a wedding photographer, a person in a wedding, with a camera and capturing everything which comes on his way or a person with a camera, and a vision, who has the ability to capture the most beautiful day of your life and portray them as the moments were lived by you. We cannot be the first one, but yes definitely the one with the ability to think creatively, capture the images in the most creative way and give you some beautiful images of your wedding day. Here you go, take a chance to go through our wedding photo gallery and decide upon yourself as whether we are good in it or we fall short, whether you would call us a candid wedding photographer in Kolkata or a contemporary wedding photographer in Kolkata. We completely leave the choice to you as what you would like to call us. Whatever, you may wish to name us what we want to achieve is simple, some really great wedding images that’s all we concentrate on.

We have come a long way and this was only possible for all those couples who did had enough faith in us and gave us the opportunity to capture the life event, an event which changed their relationship status on the Facebook page! We thank to all the couples who were and are associated with Kolkata Wedding Tales. Being Nominated on Top 50 wedding photographer was the starting for us, but the quest for beautiful wedding images in unending for us.

It will be our continous effort from now on to update the Wedding photo gallery as we usher to the wedding season, we have also added up space for upcoming events, so keep a tab one these pages to see some beautiful wedding images. We hope that you will like the wedding images and your visit on website.