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Most Frequently Asked Questions To Us!

Here you go, these are some of the frequently asked questions to us. We just hope that you will get the answers of most of the questions here. Its quite obvious and good for us that you take a knowledgeable decision before you finalize on the wedding photographer. We have tried our best to provide you with the answers of the most frequently asked questions about out wedding photography services.  Select the question that you are looking for and it will reveal the answer of it. In case, if you are still unable to find the same feel free to Contact Us.

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Why Kolkata Wedding Tales

Its very annoying as well as very much right to hear this question from your end. Annoying from our side and surely right from your side. Its a known fact that every city has plenty of professional wedding photographers, some of them are good and some of them are not so good.  For us, you are in the best place to say whether our images are really awesome or good or just not worth a penny. Being a professional wedding photographer from Kolkata. India, we have been doing wedding photography for quite some time now and for us wedding photography is all about a passion. Wedding photography to us, is not about having loads of posed group pictures neither they are about beautifully designed photo books, its all about relishing the beautiful moments of the special day, the laughter, the sorrow the smiles and capturing them in the best beautiful way possible so the couple can cherish the moments for the days and years to come. We know you are beautiful, its just that we want to show the rest how much fun you had on the special day. But this is definitely not the reason for choosing us. There are plenty of other photographers who say the same stuff. But what really sets us apart is- seems we should not do the talking, see what our clients had to say about us and the experience they had with us.

And lately comes the news from Better Photography, that we are on the list of Top 50 photographs for the Wedding Photographer Of The Year 2011. Honestly this is because of all the sweet couples with whom we got a chance to shoot for them on their wedding, and the trust they had on us.

  • Wedding Photographer of the year 2011

What are the Packages which are available with you?

Each wedding is different, it speaks your style. Whether you want it to be a small family affair or you want it to be a royal one, we have it all and yet hopefully in your budgets. The wedding photography packages are crafted in a way that they can provide you with the maximum flexibility to choose from

We have 5 Packages (click on the links to know more)

To Know more about the packages you can directly Contact us with your requirements.

Are you available for wedding assignments other destinations other than Kolkata?

We have been doing wedding photography in Kolkata for a couple of years now and be it be a wedding in Kolkata or a wedding in Bangalore/Delhi/Hyderabad it does not matters to us. At the end of the day they are also wedding and we just love to take wedding pictures. Hence Yes, please do get in touch to check the availability

What are the coverage hours if you are doing the coverage?

Our packages are based on the day/date basis. If the wedding is in Kolkata, the standard coverage hours starts from 8a.m in the morning till 10 p.m in the night.

My marriage starts late in the night and goes till early in the morning, how do you go about it?

Quite obvious that, the timings will not fall in the range of the standard hours for us and hence we offer additional hours which enables you to have a seamless coverage of the entire event. The additional hours are charged separately over and above the package costs. However, if the coverage is outside Kolkata, we take things a bit differently.

Do you charge extra on the packages if you are traveling outside Kolkata?

Absolutely No!!! They remain the same for all, we do not charge anything extra for the services that we offer if we are traveling anywhere outside Kolkata.

However, the travel and boarding costs are not included in the packages and they are on actual basis.

We don't live in India. How can we connect with you?

We do have lots of clients who booked us while they were abroad or not in Kolkata. We always prefer to meet personally as this gives us a chance to know you better and your requirements for wedding photography and at the same time show you some more of our work and samples of the photo book. However in the world where almost everything can be virtually achieved, you can connect with us through skype or any of the messager services you use and we would love to have a video chat session with you. We even don’t mind calling you up and discuss with you.

You can also visit the Get Social with us and find all means to connect with us. We look forward to it.

We want to check if you are available on the event dates. How can we do that?

We will be happy to let you know whether we are available to cover the event. Please use the Contact Us Form with your request and we will revert back to you as early as possible. Please don’t forget to mention the event dates that you are looking for.

Do you shoot single in a wedding?

Yes and No both. Until and unless we know the details of the wedding we cannot say as how many photographer/s will be there. No point in saying we will have 10 photographers always shooting you from all the angles that you can think of, we do not love to sat things just for the sake of saying it. We love to be a bit upfront, transparent, truthful and logical. Its absolutely at our discretion. Even if we are shooting with 5 photographers, your wedding day is not going to look different neither the moments of the wedding and we hope you understand this. It will be the same as it was supposed to be and as lived.

What is the booking amount?

The initial booking amount is 50% of the package selected. If you have any add on or customized the base package say extra photo book, extra prints, additional images, those items are to be paid up front at the time of booking.

You will have to pay the rest 50% of the package one month before the event.

Do you also provide videography services?

We are know for wedding photography and not videography as this is all together a different ball game. We do not think that we offer any kind of value addition to our clients by offering the video services as it cannot match the quality of our photography. Hence we do not provide video services to our clients. However, we definitely help them when they are in need of to finalize on a vendor providing video services.

Which camera do you use for the weddings?

This question has been asked to us for a number of times, before we proceed to answer the same for you, we do have a question for you. Have you ever tried to ask a good writer which pen did he/she uses to write a beautiful story, or even to a good painter, which brush does he uses to make those beautiful images?

Its exactly the same for us, camera is just a tool for us to capture the emotions, moments and beauty of the weddings, changing the camera can never change your wedding or the way it would look. However we love Canon!

What are the modes of payment?

We accept cash, cheques and bank transfers (NEFT / RTGS). We also accept wire transfers for FCY

We found another photographer who is charging less than you. Can you match the price?

Well, you will also find photographers who will charge more than us. Every wedding is a person’s own reflection of choices. Let’s take it this way, watches always show time, you have a wide variety of it available starting from watches which are locally made to branded companies but at the end they all will show time. Its up to you to choose which would look great in your hand. However, for us wedding photography is an art and cannot be compared to a commodity in the market. As far as wedding photography is concerned, we think the packages are more than competitive enough and we are sure after you see the final results, the images will stand out of those of the competitors.That’s all we can say!

Can we customize a package that we are looking for?

For all the wedding photography packages that are offered by us, you can customize the packages based on your requirement and the rates agreed upon. You can drop a email to us with your requirements and we will get back to you.

You have covered our wedding and we are eager to see the pictures. When can we expect to the get the photo book / Web album?

Honestly even we are eager to see the end results and show it to you. We just want to ensure that each photograph which will be delivered should speak about quality. At the end of the day its not the volume that speaks but rather the quality. We just want to ensure we have given our more than 100% to each of the photograph and hence it takes a bit longer than the conventional studio ones.  On an average it takes 4-6 weeks to release the photo books / web albums.

We have done the review of the album, how much more time will it take to release the web album or photo book?

If you have done the review of the web album and you are just OK with it then, its just right away. For photo books its takes at least 15 days more before we can hand you over your premium photo book.

Before the photo book is printed can we select the photographs as which goes into the photo book?

Yes absolutely, before the release of the web album or the photo book we will definitely ask you to have a look at the album, so in case if you don’t want some of the photographs to be a part of the web album and the photo book they will be removed from the album. At the end of the day this is your exclusive wedding album.

Do you allow relatives / friends to take photographs of the wedding?

We do not have any restrictions on friends or relatives taking images, we are absolutely OK with it. But yes we do request the couple, during the major rituals we would not like to have overcrowding near the couple so we are at ease in taking the photographs. We would also appreciate the fact if you understand that they may be taking the images for fun but for us it is in a completely different perspective and something for which you have hired us.

Can we do the selection of the images for editing, we are sure you have taken a lot of images during the coverage?

Unfortunately No, we do not allow our clients to do the selection of the images and there are various valid reasons for this, some of the reasons are also discussed below. However, we have ensured and we will ensure that we do the selection of the images based on certain parameters so that some of the best images are picked for the editing and which depicts your wedding in the best possible way. Trust us, we do not keep any stone unturned to give you the best when it comes to selection of the images.

a) On an average a wedding generates around 80 to 90 GB of data that we need to process, to process this and provide you with a dump to do the selection is quite cumbersome, the turnaround time to wait for the selection is huge and hence we do not allow this.

b) Again, the trust is important, if you do not trust us and even how can we see the wedding through your eyes. As a wedding photographer what we need is your trust.

Can we see some of the feedback from your past clients?

Why past clients, we also do receive feedback from our clients we are booked with us and we have not yet completed the wedding shoot. It’s  our pleasure that you have asked for this. Please visit What They Say page to see what our clients have to say about us and the services.

If you want to have some more and that too real people talking about us you can visit our You Tube channel and hear it directly from the couples, a bit of their own story and something about Kolkata Wedding Tales

The final images which you have given is more than what is mentioned on the package, do you charge extra for those additional images?

When the final release is done it sometimes happens that the number of images delivered are a bit more that what is mentioned on the packages. We do not charge anything extra for those 10, 20, 30 or 50 images. At the end its your wedding images and what will we do with those additional images, hence we give to our clients without any additional  charge

Are your package prices negotiable?

Lets face it, not every person with a pen is a writer and not every person with a camera in hand at the wedding is a wedding photographer. We believe in quality and we give our heart and soul to each of your wedding photographs and know that it is not possible for you to get someone who can offer you such diversity and offerings in packages and quality. Quite obvious we do not love to negotiate on the price points.

What is the process for placing the booking?

After you have cleared all your questions before placing the booking and have an interest to be associated with us, its time for you to select the best package which would meet your requirements. You can also add any customization if you wish to have and let us know. We will soon be sending you across a Customer On boarding form with the Terms and Conditions which is mutually agreed and here you go, the process started of having an awesome experience with us and we look forward to take you on board!

We have yet not finalized on the dates of wedding, but we want to book you. Can we do that?

We would love to cover your wedding but unfortunately we accept bookings only for valid date/s. Hence request you to touch base with us as soon as the date/s are finalized and we will be more than happy to take you on board if we are not booked

In the contact us page we can see you are booked for one date which clashes with mine but the rest are free, will you be accomodate us?

We do not take multiple bookings on the same date/s. The bookings are always on first come first serve basis and there is nothing with us where we hold the bookings and take up the one which has more money to it after analyzing. We love wedding photography so where ever we shoot with less or more its the same feeling for us.  We love to ensure that we have given ou 100% to each of our clients. We will only be able to accomodate you for the dates which are free with us and if that suffices your requirement, you can place a booking with us. Else we are really Sorry! But do stay connected to us always!


Still unable to find your answer for something that you have been looking for? Use the Contact Us  form with your question and I will respond to it in a short while.