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What They Say…Our Rave Clients

We can say, we are the only one who can understand your needs for the wedding photography, we are the one who can click beautiful wedding photographs, we are the one who can provide you with the best wedding photography packages in Kolkata or anywhere in India. But hey wait!! Why on earth you have to believe what we saying. This is exactly why we love client testimonials, good or bad whatever it might be. If its good then its obvious we are happy and proves that our hard work has paid off.  If its bad then we are sad but it definitely provides us with a thought, a thought of how we could improve our services so that we could make you satisfied enough. We are not saying that we are the best wedding photography Kolkata but that what our clients say about us. Honestly it takes a lot to be the best in anything and we are only passionate about wedding photography

Read the client testimonials listed below for a taste of exactly how my clients  feel and are being treated. The reviews were gathered from the Client Testimonials page and emails from the clients for whom we have worked for wedding photography in Kolkata. Real people and real testimonials, in case you would like to get in touch with these people do please write back to us and we will be happy to connect you with them.

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(Updated 05.May.2014)

Oindril Purkait (After coverage)

Never felt I was with someone with whom I was not comfortable with. You and your team felt as a part of the family. I am not a good judge of photographs but understand a very simple thing; if the photograph tells a story and speaks to you; understand that the job is done. In this case, the job is more than I had imagined. Some of the pictures just left both of us speechless and most made us relive the moment.

Thank you for the brilliant captures. We would be always indebted to you 🙂

Please keep up the habit of making your pictures speak 🙂

There is always scope for improvement. Just carry on with the brilliant work and keep capturing human emotions in your images.

(Updated 03.Mar.2014)

Reshmi Basu (After coverage)

The package offered exactly what we needed and that too being much affordable.

I cant thank you guys enough for creating such a wonderful album. I’ve always admired your work on Facebook page and I look forward to seeing many more beautiful wedding pics on your profile soon.

(Updated 25.Feb.2014)

Desbashish Basu

Relation: Father of the bride

Great! For us the packages of Kolkata Wedding Tales are very much affordable and after the coverage when we have seen the images we can simply say Kolkata Wedding Tales is awesome.

Kolkata Wedding Tales are a chronicler cum photographer who love to tell stories. An accomplished photographer , who is a professional in every true sense of the word, they understand human sentiments and are very sensitive to their clients’ explicit and implicit desires.
Hard working , straight forward in approach, they try to excel themselves in creating values for their clients through their own creativity. They are really passionate about wedding photography.

There is no doubt! you are the one for us when ever we think of wedding photography.

There were many moments of joy which would find place in our cherished memories but we never felt that there was a photographer amongst us….their presence was so disarming and they blended so well  with the family and guests unobtrusively

Where do you want us to improve?

Nothing specific but keep up with the latest in technology and never abandon the values that has brought you so far.

(Updated 10.Feb.2013)

Bijeta – After her coverage

Great! I am short of words honestly… I had a great coverage. The team worked with my family just like another of my own family member. No issues/complains so far.. have been recommending you guys to any one  who is asking me for wedding photographer suggestions.

As far as the pics are concerned and capturing them at the most right moments ..I am really speechless.. you have given some of best pictures of my life which I can cherish forever.

Also, I think i did the right thing by taking the photo book options … fully satisfied and overwhelmed with that ( me and my family members ).

The most memorable moment being,  was escorted back and forth in a bridal attire from the parlor like a family member:) !Thanks a ton for that. Loved all the pictures taking with so much of technique and hard work .. it shows up in the photos.

A big big thank you to Kolkata Wedding Tales for putting all the efforts and making me feel that my money was spent in a more than worth while manner.


(Updated 30.Sep.2013)

Bijeta – Sales process

Great! It feels good to have selected you for my wedding (the most special day)

(Updated 30.Sep.2013)

Shweta Naik

We cannot begin to describe. Although, we haven’t met the whole team, but if what we saw is the representation of what the whole team is like, then, we think we made the right decision in choosing you guys. Right from the onset, you have been so reciprocate, clarifying every single question and doubt. Accommodating and adjusting of our needs and concerns. Although, we did not really know you, but there was absolutely no hiccup in being immediately comfortable with the people from Kolkata Wedding Tales. In front of the camera, you’ll let us be ourselves mostly, which helped. Even post the shooting session, anytime we have had any issues, requests, concerns, you have responded so promptly and to our satisfaction, being understanding of our point of views. Its been amazing!….Of course output is important, but more than that we look for what qualities our collaborators have, and the Kolkata Wedding Tales team has brought a lot of commitment, dedication, fun and good humor and good friendship to the table, which we very much value and treasure besides the lovely memories you created for us.

(Updated 30.Aug.2013)

Reshma Hasnain

Thank you for making my sister day a memorable one by capturing all the moments we spent on the day. The package we opted was the perfect one that suited us and all photographs were as per the expectation. The album looks gorgeous. Thanks for your patience in going thru’ the number of iteration on the album comments and really appreciate it. If any occasion in future in Kolkata, would love to use your service once again.

(Updated 19.Aug.2013)

Vini Gautam

Prompt and detailed responses to our queries and skype availability helped us make our decision faster. Keep it up!

Navin & Maneka-

“I just got the CD package in the mail. Thank you so much for a job done so professionally well!! I feel the moments captured were wonderfully done. Thanks to you, we’re all reliving the moments here!!

You guys have done a wonderful job with my memories!! Thank you very much!!”


Sushipra Chakraborty-

 This is GOD gifted skill so we cant put a price tag, only passionate can survive this stress and still deliver great outputs and you are one of them.

Suman Sen-

I had a wonderful experience with Kolkata Wedding Tales till now. You guys have been very accommodating and very proactive. Loved your enthusiasm and passion for what you are doing. In terms of the packages, you offer exactly what we needed.The experience has been wonderful. There were a lot of constraints present but Kolkata wedding Tales took all of that with a smile and delivered the most priceless moments captured with their heart(and their camera of course). They are just AWESOME!

 Suryatapa Chakravorty –

“Very smooth sales process. I must give special kudos to the level of interaction and follow up involved in helping the customer sort the ideal package and every level of registration thence. Great work!”

Kolkata Wedding Tales: Thank you Suryatapa, for these feedback on our Sales process!

 Amita Dutta-

“It’s truly a pleasure to get associated with Kolkata Wedding Tales. You guys are absolutely dedicated to your work and very well-organised! And the cherry on the cake is your sticking to the deadlines you set. Just that it would be great if we could have some more snaps in your website gallery and a bit bandwidth-friendly website.”

Kolkata Wedding Tales: Thanks Amita for the feedback. Yes we are working on a continuous basis on the website to make it more bandwidth friendly and to showcase more wedding images. We look forward to cover your wedding this February.

Diptasree Bose-

“I have found Kolkata wedding tales to be very professional in their planning and execution of the wedding photography session. They were really helpful, they even came to see us at home and to show us samples of their work and talk about exactly what we wanted from the wedding day. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending you to our friends. Thanks for making it a pleasurable experience working with you on our special day”


Kolkata Wedding Tales: It was our pleasure Diptasree that we got an opportunity to cover your wedding. Wish you a happy married life!

Rina Mitra-

“He surely is a photographer by passion….I met him at my bro’s marriage ceremony, firstly I thought that he would be just like any other A B C wedding photographer..but hey man….when he began the shoot n looking at the whole process and at last getting the snaps, i became a big admirer. The photos were crisp,bright and lively. They are the best of the lot in terms of wedding photography in Kolkata. i m single now n i ‘ll surely want him to cover my ‘THE DAY, no doubt they have a a great competitive wedding photography packages to offer in Kolkata and rather a very broad range. I think he is one of the best wedding photographer in Kolkata to choose from and a real value for money”.”

Kolkata Wedding Tales: Thanks Rina for being so generous. We will definitely look forward to cover your wedding!

 Sourav Bose-

“It is my great pleasure to thank Kolkata Wedding Tales for their outstanding wedding photography at our wedding. Your professionalism and the quality of your work sets a new benchmark for all other photographers out there. The pictures that you took really were lovely. They reflected our personalities and the feel of my wedding. Some of the candid wedding photographs were so beautiful that we decided to have canvas gallery prints in large format. They are simply beautiful.”

Kolkata Wedding Tales: Thanks Sourav! It gives us a huge pleasure when we hear that the wedding images we took were so good enough that you decided to make them a part of your day to day life.

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